DateSteer - Simple date calculator & planner

Date calculation tab

DateSteer© is a simple date calculator and planner. By rotating the steer wheel, you can change the start date and target date in both forward and backward. The simple dashboard like user interface tells you the number of days for work days and total days between the 2 dates.

The set of dates can be saved with your tilte and task name. Saved multiple sets of dates in a same title will be regarded as a project and simple gantt chart will be created in iCal format and GanttProject format. Then, you can send the data by email to anyone in your project team.
Tab buttons
  • DateSteer: Main tab window which for date calculation
  • Saved Events: list view of saved events data
  • Settings: Settings of the App
  • About: About this app.

Calculation modes

  • Addition: 1 day between today and tomorrow in this mode. (Mode A)
  • Duration: 2 days between today and tomorrow in this mode. (Mode D)

Holiday skip counting

A Calendar can be imported from iOS system's calendar and the events set in the calendar will be removed from the date count calculation.

Sequential events calculation

When tap the target date panel, the target + 1 date will be set to start date for your sequential event calculation and creation. This is convenient when you are planning a project with this app.

DateSteer manual on screen
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