System Gauge

The Ampere system gauges are the compact vacuum gauges excellent in cost performance with the new formdesigned considering mounted on your equipment as a concept. The minimized gauge head is easily exchangeable also for environment friendly. SG700MP controls 1 to 4 Pirani gauges by one control board. SG701CMP controls one combinations gauge (one pirani gauge and one B-A gauge) and 1 to 3 Pirani gauges by one control board.

System Gauge SG700MP can control 4 piranis

System Gauge SG701CMP can control 1 combination gauge and 3 piranis

Model Number SG700MP SG701CMP
Measurement range 4 Piranis : 0.1~105 Pa (10-3~1000 mbar) 1 combination gauge : 10-6~105 Pa (10-8 ~ 1000 mbar)
3 Piranis : 0.1~105 Pa (10-3~1000 mbar)
Power supply DC24V ±10% DC24V ±10%
Power consumption 4W max. 30W max.
Tough mode None Option (collector & Grid heating)
Analog output 0 ~ 10V 0 ~ 10V
Output signal Alarm, 4 x setpoints Alarm, 4 x setpoints
Interface RS232C RS232C (RS485 optional)
Operation temperature 0 ~ 40°C 0 ~ 40°C
RoHS Compliant Compliant
Max. temperature 150°C max (sensor only) 150°C max (sensor only)

System Gauge Linearity performance graph