RIO Data View Mac(10)

RIO Data View App

- Collect and store data of remote input/output modules over network

- Monitor real time data or review stored data

- Control relays or digital out channels remotely

RIO Data View Mac10 is a data plot software which work with RIO DLUtility. After the registration of RIO DLUtility, you can create a graph to plot your data from your remote device(s). The graph shows data with timeline in realtime or in specific time range supporting linear and logarithmic scale.


  • Realtime Plot
  • Automatic scroll to current data in real time mode
  • Channels to plot selectable
  • Specifid time range plot
  • Various line colors/weights
  • Various Symbols and colours
  • Click data point for the value
  • Calculated value can be set to individual channel data (Conversion)
  • Relays and Digital outputs can be remotely controlled.
  • Graph supports dual Y axis presentation
  • Y axis scale supports Linear and Logarithmic
  • Various colour lines, symbols and symbols shapes
  • Back up graph settings to RIO DLUtility

RIO Data View Mac10 Window


RIO Data View Mac10 Toolbar