Remote I/O Analog/Digital Data Viewer and Logger - RIO Data View Family

RIO Data View App

- Collect and store data of remote input/output modules over network

- Monitor real time data or review stored data on an iPhone or a Mac

- Control relays or digital out channels remotely on an iPhone or a Mac


  • RPIO LAN on Raspberry Pi + Automation Hat
    • Data monitor & server firmware for Raspberry Pi + Automation Hat


RIO Data View family provides data storage, real time/past data plot and control I/O of your I/O modules. RIO Data View family consists of 3 softwares, RIO DLUtility, RIO Data View (iOS) and RIO Data View Mac10 (macOS). Remote devices like Teracom's TCW241 and RIPO LAN (Raspberry Pi + Automation Hat + RIPO firmware) will be registered to RIO DLUtility software which is running on a Mac PC. RIO DLUtility collects data from the remote devices at user specified interval. The stored data in RIO DLUtility can be reviewed from RIO Data View software via network connection.

RIO Data View Family



RIO Data View Mac10(V0.6-1124)
RIO Data view (iOS: V0.94-67)
RIO DLUtility (V0.75-46) RPIO Raspberry Pi + Automation Hat firmware
  • Plot data of selected channels for selected time range
  • Real time plot
  • Calculated value can be set to individual channel data (Conversion)
  • Relays and Digital outputs can be remotely controlled.
  • Graph supports dual Y axis presentation
  • Graph supports different colour lines, symbols and symbols shapes
  • Back up graph settings to RIO DLUtility
  • Collects data from remote devices via network
  • Export data into CSV format
  • Auto-start at login support
  • Supported remote devices: TCW241, RPIO LAN module
  • Analog, digital input channels monitoring
  • Relay, digital out channels monitoring and control
  • Relay and Digital out channels supports pulse/timer operation
  • Web data monitor and control
  • Simple graph view on the web interface
  • Web Interface allows detailed settings for channels
  • Email notification for alert settings
  • DDNS support


TCW241 (Ethernet I/O module) is a product of Teracom Systems. Raspberry Pi is a product of Raspberry Pi Foundation. Automation Hat is a product of Pimoroni Ltd.