RIO Data View (iOS)

RIO Data View App

- Collect and store data of remote input/output modules over network

- Monitor real time data or review stored data

- Control relays or digital out channels remotely

Analog Graph View

Graph View

List View

List View


Graph View supports:

  • Realtime Plot
  • Automatic scroll to current data
  • Specifid time range plot
  • Various line colors/weights
  • Various Symbols and colours
  • Tap to view value on data point
  • Dual Y axes
  • Relay controller on a graph
  • Conversions to data line
  • Create own conversions
  • Graph setting backup/copy

List View supports:

  • Realtime data update
  • Visual presentation of the state of digitaph inputs
  • Relays/digital outpus control
  • Hide control buttons
  • Timer progress display

System Requirements:

  • Device: iPhone, iPad
  • iOS version: 12.2 or later
  • RIO DLUtility and a Mac
  • Remote I/O device(s) 
    (currently only supports Teracom TCW241 and RPIO)

Getting Started

Requirements: RIO Data View app works with RIO DLUtility software which runs on a Mac PC and RIO DLUtility requires remote I/O device(s).

Step1: Register your RIO DLUtility
Tap "Server" row in the "Settings" tab view and tap "+" to add an RIO DLUtility server

Step2: Name your RIO DLUtility and Remote Devices (optional)
Tap "Edit" in the Server list view and Deivce list view allows to name your RIO DLUtility or device(s)

Step3: Create a graph (Graphs tab view)
Analog Graph has been created as an example.
Details of Graph configurations:

  • Graph Name: Name of your graph
  • Graph group: Graph group
  • Datalogger for the selected Device: Choose one RIO DLUtility
  • Select a Device: Select a device to plot its data
  • Type of Graph: Graph plot or List view
  • Channels: There are list of available channels,
    Tap required channel type and tick on channels to plot
  • Graph Update: Realtime On/Off
    Interval (seconds): Specify update interval
  • Data Range: Speciry by time range for data
  • Y Axis: Here you can specify which selected channels to show on which axis
  • Annotation: Anotation text or colour