RIO DLUtility

RIO Data View App

- Collect and store data of remote input/output modules over network

- Export Stored data into CSV format

- Serve data to RIO Data View 

RIO DLUtility is a data logger for remote I/O devices and a data server for RIO Data View and RIO Data View Mac10. This software is menu only, no software main window software. By registering RIO DLUtility software to your login item in the "Users & Groups" setting in the system preference of your Mac, RIO DLUtility can automatically start logging and server process at your Mac's start up.


  • Collects data from remote devices via network
  • Auto-start at login support
  • Export data into CSV format
  • Enable/Disable logging for each device individually
  • Specify logging interval
  • Supported remote devices: TCW241, RPIO LAN module


RIO DLUtility Menu

Export to CSV format

RIO DLUtility Export CSV