Cold Cathode Tough Gauge© - CCTG

  • Protection from contaminants by heating cathode
    • CCTG works under corrosive and contaminating gases without loosing accuracy of measurements.
    • Ultra-stable discharge in industrial processes and ultra high vacuum.
    • Cathode heating enables discharge to start easily
  • Degas and self cleaning function
    • Degas mode cathode temperature equal to approx. 700C.
      You can degas like a hot cathode vacuum gauge
    • Cathode is heated during measurement in Tough mode.
      You can select cathode temperature at 300, 500 & 600C.
  • Low magnetic flux leakage
    • Magnetic flux leakage: less than 200G (20uT). Not attracts a screw and a screw driver
  • Optimised voltage control system (software)
    • The system calculates, and controls the optimised voltage for the measurement in variouos pressures. It decreases the contamination and damage of the electrode highly effective
CCTG200C, Cold Cathode Tough Gauge Cold Cathode Tough Gauge, CCTG110S
Integrated stand alone Tough Gauge© with small LCD display. Combination mode with an external gauge like Pirani to measure wide range from atmospheric pressure to 10-10 mbar (hPa) Cold Cathode Tough Gauge© with a controller unit.


CCTG construction Tough GaugeCCTP heated cathode Tough Gauge
CCTG Tough Gauge accurate measurement graph