B-A Tough Gauge - Long life with electrodes kept clean

Tough gauge© is specially designed for vacuum applications where contaminants create problems for conventional Bayard-Alpert (B-A) gauges. B-A Tough gauge© heats up the grid and collector while meassuring vacuum pressure and prevent contaminants from being deposited on surfaces of the grid and the collector. These comtaninants cause short life time of gauge and inaccuracy of the pressure meassurement.

NeoDry© - Durable dry pump, 3 Years maintenance free

An innovative durable dry (oil-free) pumps, NeoDry© Series, which are products of Kashiyama Industries Ltd. are available in the European market now. This innovative non-contact mechanism provides unrivaled 3 years (or more) maintenance cycle and reduces your cost of ownership. NeoDry© series are available in 4 different pumping speeds between 250 L/min and 1,000 L/min. 

NeoDry 3 years maintenance free