Standalone Cold Cathode Tough Gauge©
Direct data communication with an integrated display and combination mode.
Specification Table
Cold Cathode Gauge
Pressure Range
1.0 x E-3 ~ 1.0 x E-10 mbar
Main DC
24V, 1A
Power Consumption
Magnetic Field Leakage
Less than 100G on the surface of casing
Tough Mode
300ºC | 500ºC | 600ºC | OFF
Tough Mode Heating Part
Degas Mode
Cathode: 700ºC (2 min)
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 40ºC
Measurement Start/Stop
Tough Mode ON/OFF
Degas ON/OFF
0-10V for combination mode
Analog: 0-10V x 1
Setpoint x 2 (Photocoupler open collectors)
Alarm (Photocoupler open collector)
Approx. 66 L x 56 W x 147 H (except for a flange)
KF25: 800G
CF40: 1100g
I/O Connectors
PCR-S20FS+ (HTK) for power and data
HR10A-7P6P (HRS) for an external gauge (combination mode)
KF25 (Al or St. St.) or CF40
Combination mode to work with a conventional external gauge (require 0-10V output)

CCTG200C - Cold Cathode Tough Gauge© had been developed based on the patented Tough Mode© technology by Ampere Inc. in Japan.
The Tough Mode© can heat up the cathode while pressure measurement in order to prevent contaminants in process environment from being deposited on the cathode. In conventional Cold Cathode Gauge, the deposited contaminants shorten the lifetime of the gauge and cause inaccurate measurement.
The Cold Cathode Tough Gauge© will give longer lifetime in the environment where corrosive or organic particles involved and will be able to keep the accuracy of the measurement all through your production cycle.

CCTG200C is a stand alone vacuum gauge with a small display on itself. The pressure measurement data can be transmited to your control system, PLC or display through a data cable. CCTG200C also has a combination mode that can work with an external vacuum gauge (i.e. Pirani gauge) which has 0-10V output. In the combination mode, CCTG200C will be able to set automatic start relying on the input signal from the external gauge and can work as a wide range gauge from atmospheric pressure to UHV pressure.

Part codes

TG Part CodeTG Part SpecificationsTG Part Contents
CCTG200C-001KF25 (Al), Viton OringSensor, Controller & Connector for power, data and I/O
CCTG200C-002KF25 (Stainless Steel), Viton OringSensor, Controller & Connector for power, data and I/O
CCTG200C-003CF40, Metal gasketSensor, Controller & Connector for power, data and I/O
CCTGH200C-001 KF25 (Al), Viton Oring seal, SmCo magnetSensor only
CCTGH200C-002KF25 (Stainless Steel), Viton OringSensor only
CCTGH200C-003CF40, Metal gasketSensor only