XHV Gauge Head - 3B-Gauge

Measure as low as 10-12Pa (10-14mbar)

3B-Gauge Principle schema

CCG Tough Gauge

Protection from contaminants by heating cathode


CCTG works under corrosive and contaminating gases without loosing accuracy of measurements. Ultra-stable discharge in industrial processes and ultra high vacuum. Cathode heating enables discharge to start easily

Quartz Guide IR Rapid Heater

NeoDry© - Durable dry pump, 3 Years maintenance free

An innovative durable dry (oil-free) pumps, NeoDry© Series, which are products of Kashiyama Industries Ltd. are available in the European market now. This innovative non-contact mechanism provides unrivaled 3 years (or more) maintenance cycle and reduces your cost of ownership. NeoDry© series are available in 4 different pumping speeds between 250 L/min and 1,000 L/min. 

NeoDry 3 years maintenance free